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The Abortion Procedure

Before an abortion is attempted, the most important detail is to know the position and the size of the pregnancy.

The problem with dating the pregnancy is that many patients do not know how to date their pregnancies or date them based on the wrong dates. Many mothers date their pregnancies from when they think they conceived but doctors do not use that method, instead they use the dating from the first day of the last menses, meaning that the mother is not even pregnant yet.

Prices for abortion start from $950 in my clinic, but increase with the increase in the size of the pregnancy. There is also an anaesthetic fee from about $200.00. However, this is only for an early abortion from 4 weeks.

If you are below 9 weeks pregnant, then it will be a simple early abortion and the charge will be around $1,900.00.

If you are already 10 to 12 weeks, then it will not be a simple early abortion, but a late first-trimester abortion. This means that the abortion cannot be performed in one procedure. There is a preparatory phase, followed one or two days later by the actual abortion itself. 

If you are 12 to 15 weeks along, the preparatory phase is similar, but the actual procedure is more difficult in view of the larger size.

After the initial consultation, you will need to come back  for a preparation stage before the actual abortion is performed on a separate sitting. After 10 weeks of pregnancy, you will need to have medicine inserted into the vagina to make the abortion safer for you. This medicine costs $200, and the procedure itself increases in price to above $1,000.00. The exact size is roughly equivalent to the size of the pregnancy. 11 weeks would cost $1,500.00 whilst 14 weeks would costs $2,000.00. This is not inclusive of the first consultation, ultrasound and anaesthetic fees.

When the procedure can be done depends on whether you need to be fully counseled. This will be explained to you during the consultation. If you have already been counseled and can prove it then there is no need to repeat it. 
The procedure itself is painless and very fast. It takes only 20-30 minutes, but because the patient is put to sleep, you will need about one hour or more for the sedative drugs given to wear off. Therefore, you will need to be fully prepared before the procedure.  This means you need to fast for 4 hours (no food or drink - even water) before seeing the doctor. Also be prepared to spend about 2 to 3 hours in the clinic. The procedure is performed during sleep - so it is painless. 

After the procedure, you can go home as if nothing happened. At most you will feel like having had menstrual cramps. The procedure is therefore fast and convenient and no one will find out unless you tell them.

As for the recovery after a 9 to 15 week abortion - it is quick fast. There is usually only mild bleeding for the first few days associated with mild menstrual-like cramps. About 3 to 7 days after the procedure, there may be more bleeding and cramps, depending on each individual. A mild fever may occur during the first 12 hours after the procedure, but if it is any longer, you will need to contact Dr Jen. The effects of pregnancy like morning sickness, palpitations, giddiness and other common feelings associated with early pregnancy will take one to two weeks to slowly taper away after the abortion, and does not disappear instantly. Even the urinary pregnancy test may take about two weeks to entirely disappear.

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If your pregnancy is confirmed to be really 15 to 24 weeks, then the procedure is more complicated than a simple abortion, or even an early second trimester abortion, and it requires more than one visit to the doctor. My procedure however does not require you to be hospitalized. Almost all doctors would require you to stay in hospital for an abortion larger than 14 week's size.

The first stage of the procedure itself is very fast and needs only 5 minutes. 
After the first stage, you will need to wait about 2 days before going on to the second stage.

For the second stage during the second visit, you will need to be fully prepared before the procedure. You should not eat anything on the day of the final 3 stages. Normally, the last 3 stages can be completed in about 3 to 6 hours in the clinic. 

First, labour is started with tablets and the exact timing of the delivery depends on the strength of the contractions. After the delivery of the baby, we will need to evacuate the placenta (third stage). This procedure is performed during sleep - so it is painless. The actual procedure is very fast, but you will need about one hour or more for the sedative drugs given to wear off.

The final stage is done partially when you're still asleep with injections, and partially with medicine taken when you go home.

Like all surgical procedures there is a possibility of complications which include infection and physical harm to the womb if incorrectly done. You will be given a video to explain the procedure and it's complications will be explained there. However, this only explains a simple abortion and does not cover a complicated procedure like the one you need to undergo. If you're still in doubt, you can ask me during the consultation. If you are a Singaporean, you need to wait 2 days after seeing me before the abortion can be performed.

As you can see the procedure is even more complicated than a normal delivery of a full term baby. A full term delivery is a natural process and you can even deliver without the need of a doctor since in many countries only a nurse is required - even in Europe and America.

For an abortion of your size, a doctor of many year's experience is required, especially so if you do not wish to be hospitalized. I have more than 20 year's experience in this procedure and you can be assured that I will look after you well. This is my area of interest and is one of my sub-specialties.

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